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Hastelloy B2
Hastelloy B2, N10665, 2.4617(NiMo28) Alloy

This material is an corrosion resistant alloy (nickel-molydenum-mixed crystal) with an checked minimum content of iron and chrome excellent resistance against reducing substances, also against various organic acids good resistance against hydrochloric acid in a wide range of concentrations and temperatures 2.4617 shows good resistance against corrosion due to tension and fissures due to a low carbon and silicium content (which lowers carbide secretion in heated areas of weld seams) this material shows sufficient resistance against corrosion even in a welded state...

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Hastelloy B3
Hastelloy B3, N10675, 2.4600(NiMo29Cr) Alloy

B3 Alloy is an additional member of the nickel-molybdenum family of alloys with excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid at all concentrations and temperatures. It also with stands sulfuric, acetic, formic and phosphoric acids, and other non oxidizing media...

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Inconel 617
Inconel 617, N06617, 2.4663(NiCr23Co12Mo) Alloy

INCONEL® alloy 617 (UNS N06617/W.Nr. 2.4663a) is a solid-solution, strengthened, nickel-chromium-cobaltmolybdenum alloy with an exceptional combination of high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance. The alloy also has excellent resistance to a wide range of corrosive environments, and it is readily formed and welded by conventional techniques...

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Alloy 31
Alloy 31, N08031, 1.4562(X1NiCrMoCu32-28-7)

Alloy 31 is characterized by outstanding resistance to corrosion in halide media, both acidic and basic; outstanding resistance to sulfuric acid, even highly concentrated; outstanding resistance to corrosion and erosion-corrosion in phosphoric acid media; excellent resistance to both localized corrosion and general corrosion in chlorine dioxide bleach media; excellent resistance to both reducing and oxidizing media, and ease of fabrication and welding. Approval for pressure-vessel use involving wall temperatures from -196 to 550ºC (-320 to 1020ºF)....

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