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GOST 9941-81 12X18H10T Seamless Tube 28x1 with thin wall thickness 320# polished.

11th Nov. 2019
GOST 9941-81 polished tube
  • Specification: GOST 9941-81
  • Steel Grade: 12X18H10T
  • Sizes: 28mm WT: 1mm Length: 3600mm
  • Delivery Condition : 320# polished.
  • Packing: Packed in plywood cases.
  • Quantity: 28tons
  • Delivery Time: 60days
  • Application: Mechanical Parts

12X18H10T GOST9941-81 28X1 seamless tube

GOST 9941-81 12X18H10T seamless tube waiting for ET and Marking

12X18H10T is a Russian material eaqual to American material AISI321, the difference of their chemical compostion is 12X18H10T requires C% 0.12 max, P% 0.035 max, Cu% 0.3 max, AISI requires C% 0.08 max, P% 0.045, no Cu% spcified. Generally our raw material could meet both, so they are same to us.

12X18H10T and 08X18H10T tubes are the most popular materials Russian customers import from China, the material is with Ti and 1% more nickel content compare to 304, which makes the material more resistant to intergranular corossion, creep, and high temperature stress rupture.
The size in this order is difficult for factories to produce, thin wall seamless tube requires more production process and is with more cost, further more, the tubes requires 320 grit outside polished, so the wall thickness has to be very good, polishing always deduct wall thickness by 0.05-0.1 mm. Attribute to our good processes control, the tubes are with very good final thickness and surface.

The tubes are used as parts for some machines, and the customer orders very three or four month, very time we deliver good products with fast delivery and best price, as well as safe packing as pictures.

We also have huge quantity and various materia in ready stock for quick delivery, with seamless tube and pipe, hollow bar, and other products, you are welcomed to ask for more details.

Inspection, Packing And Loading

PMI for 12X18H10T Seamless Tube packing and loading for 28x1 seamless tube 12X18H10T

Relevant Specifications

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GOST 6032 - Corrosion-Resistant Steels And Alloys Test Method For Intergranular Corrosion Resistance.
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