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LJ Metal also provides on-site inspection and other fabrication services. We aim to provide outstanding customer services by taking care of even the smallest order with rich experience in providing pipe and accesseries.

Inspection and Loading Supervisio
Inspection and Loading Supervision

LJ Metal offers on-site inspections and loading supervision before shipment for stainless steel, alloy materials. With our dedicated services you could make sure every detail and every stage of your orders be no problem.

We could be your local eyes and hands with efficiency to save your cost and time, and our charge will be very reasonable.


LJ Metal provide pre-fabrication services as flange connection, welding, bending, painting, bevelling for end users in Chemical industies, Petrochemical Industries, Pharmacy Industries, Oil and Gas Industries, Shipbuilding Industries.

U tube bending and annealing
U-Bending and Heat Treatment

LJ Metal provides U bending service, heat treatment for u bend and hydraulic testing is very important for u tubes, we could provide 100% hydraulic test for bended tubes, as well as the heat treatment and pickling after bending.

cutting stainless steel tube and plate

LJ Metal also supply cutting services for pipes and plates, fully Automatic Saws and laser cutting could cut any shape and length.

Stainless Steel Polishing

LJ Metal provide polishing services for pipe and fittings both inside and outside, our mechanical polishing could achive 400 grit surface, and electrolytic polishing could achive more harsh surface condition requirement for food and bevarage industries.

stainless steel special parts process
Special Parts Processing

LJ Metal also provide non-standard special parts as special coupling, elbow, flanges, connections.

Seamless Pipe Manufacturing Process
Seamless Pipe Manufacturing Process

We are proud to be involved in many projects all over the world, and we are honour to have supplied safe and reliable materials to numurous customers.

Petrochemical Projects

Large diameter stainless steel or alloy pipe and tubes are usually used in petrochemical plants as Olefin plants, Fertilizer plants.

Petronas Project
LNG Project in Malaysia
Oil Refinery Project in Turkey
Oil Refinery Project In Turkey
Propenoic Acid Project in UAE
Propenoic Acid Project in UAE
Power Plant Projects

Pipes used in power plant have to withstand high temperatures and high pressures.

Coal Power Plant
Coal Power Plant in Morocco
Taishan Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Power Plant in China
Hydro Power Plant
Hydropower Station in Pakistan
Industrial Equipments

Industrial boilers and heat exchangers require lots of stainless steel tubing.

Heat exchangers and pressure vessel
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
pharmacy plant
Pharmacy Plant
Train and Car System
Offshore Projects

TP316L pipe and duplex stainless steel pipe are widely used for offshore platform to resist the sea water corression.

oil drilling rig
Oil Drilling Rigs
LNG platform
LNG Platform
Oil Terminal
Oil Terminal