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CRA Clad Pipe and Fittings
Ti and Ti Alloy Tube
Copper Nickel Alloy Tube
Name Details
Products Pipe, Tube, Pipe fittings and Flanges
Size OD: 20mm-1420mm , WT:2.5mm-50mm
Grade Stainless Stell + Carbon Steel, Nickel Alloy + Carbon Steel, Ti Alloy + Carbon Steel
Standard API-5LD; DNV-OS-F101; DEP; CJ/T192
Features 1.Good resistance to corrosion
2.High stress of backing pipe
3.Cost effective
Application ● Oil & Gas transportation pipeline
● Power Plant pipeline
● Paper and Pulp industry
● Pharmacy & Medical
● Water supply pipeline
● Food & Beverage pipeline
  • Clad/Lined Pipe provides the best combination of corrosion resistance of stainless steel and high strength of carbon steel with cost effectiveness, and has been widely used in oil and gas transportation in high temperature/pressure/corrosion (H2S, Cl-) environment.
Products Seamless Tube, Welded Tube
Size OD: 1mm-80mm , WT:0.1mm-6mm
Grade Grade1, Grade2, Grade7, Grade9, Grade11, Grade12, Grade16,
Standard ASTM B338, JIS H4631, GB/T 3625
Features 1.High specific strength
2.Good strength at intermediate temperature
3.Good corrosion resistance
4.Good low-temperature performance
5.Low elastic modulus
6.High hardness
7.Good thermal plasticity
Application ● Electrodes in electrolytic industries
● Condensor for power station
● Heater in petroleum refining
● Pharmacy & Medical
● Air pollution control device
● Aviation and aerospace
  • Titanium alloys have good mechanical and punching properties and can be welded by various forms of welding procedures with welded joint strength up to 90% of base metal. Titanium is capable of corrosion resistance to chlorides, sulfides and ammonia, and has better corrosion resistance than aluminum, stainless steel and nickel alloy for seawater service.
Products Seamless Tube , Fin tube
Size OD: 5mm-80mm , WT:0.5mm-15mm
Grade C70400, C70600, C71500, C71640
Standard B111, B165, B466
Features 1.Corrossion resistance
2.Durable fine finish
3.High strength
4.Excellent flow characteristic
Application ● Evaporator Tubing
● Condenser Tubes
● Heat Exchanger Tubing
● Leak Detector Tube
● Oil Well Pump Liner
● Offshore Fire Water Systems
● Seawater Pipework
  • Copper nickel alloy tube, aluminum brass tubes, and popular high-efficiency fin tubes,inner grooved tubes,integral high finned copper & copper nickel tube are widely used in air conditioning, desalination engineering, power plant condenser and other industries.